Why choose a career in welding technology

If you're looking for a career plan, chances are you should be tired now. Everyone is saying that the best career choice is. Is your parents, friends and even the TV and the internet are telling you what to do for a living. Hey it's your choice and it's a decision that will affect the rest of your life. Take your time and do what feels right for you. But before you decide to make sure you know the facts about what a career in welding

The 4 most common welding processes at present

There are more out there welding processes, so I have fingers and toes! Let's face it, If you take the Classifieds, and looking for welding jobs, There are going to be four types of welders that are in demand! That's why these four welding processes are the most commonly used:

  1. stick welding
  2. MIG welding
  3. TIG welding
  4. Flux Cored Arc Welding

Stick welding is u

Welding history Part 2 – Of 1900 to the present

For students doing reports and looking for a broad vision of the history of welding, I hope this helps you in that report is due tomorrow.

Some forms of joining processes such as welding and forging welding processes were actually done way back in the bronze age and iron, but as far as the history of welding will ... Fusion metal Union, things began around 1900.

the beginning of 1900 that's when the first and

Inverter TIG Ac/dc 200 Amp

Inverter TIG Ac/dc 200 Amp. Equipped with Tig torch and cables 4mt. TIG welding aluminum, steels, stainless steel, Titanium, copper and its alloys. Promotional price - 1.150,00€ + VAT

Laser welding

A laser can be defined as an optical source, that emits a beam of photons in a coherent. Lasers were discovered for the first time in the year 1960 and have been proposed as a variation of the principle "radiation" at that moment. Laser technology has improved a lot since that time and has found applications in a variety of disciplines such as science, industry, medicine and consumer electronics products.

laser welding is used extensively in t stores

TIG – How To Tig Weld

Tig welding, Once you learn to TIG weld, It is more likely that the most versatile welding allows you to weld more kinds of metals than any other form of welding. The process can be used to weld steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and bronze, nickel alloy, bronze and gold also.

TIG Tungsten Inert Gas media, and is a process in which a tungsten electrode is used to heat and melt the metals to be soldered.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding – How to radically improve your Tig welding technique

Gas Tungsten Arc welding is the appropriate name for TIG welding. , may be the name, but it takes a long time to say ... and since hardly anyone calls Gas Tungsten Arc welding and most everyone still refers to him as TIG, That's what I call it too. One of the biggest challenges with TIG welding is to find something to support in that will stabilize the torch hand well enough to make a good looking weld. If you try to support your hand m

Welding bench – If you build one or buy a


One of the first welding projects you must face is a welding table. But wait a minute. Are you sure you want to spend the time and money to build a welding table when you may be able to buy one that is portable, foldable, and cheap? I'm all for making things myself when I can save a dollar. But its depressing when you spend a weekend fight with a welding project only to realize that you could have the

MIG aluminum welding – Tips to avoid problems and machine settings

MIG welding aluminum is just harder than steel mig welding. Why? Because everything that can go wrong in steel, It's just magnified when you mig weld aluminum. Even something as simple as the argon flow rate makes a big difference. A slight adjustment of the feed changes things dialed big. Even a little burr on the copper contact tip may cause the wire feed to slow and record volt

A guide for beginners: arch with a welding rod

The theory behind holding a bow will is, the electric current is forced between the tip of the weld rod and steel's welding. If you want to be a successful welder you should be able to strike an arc and keep it going without even thinking about it.

The 2 most common ways to start your ARC are playing and scratching the welding rod for steel. Scratch seems to be the most natural way used by beginners.

Scratching is when you pass the hast