Laser welding


A laser can be defined as an optical source, that emits a beam of photons in a coherent. Lasers were discovered for the first time in the year 1960 and have been proposed as a variation of the principle “radiation” at that moment. Laser technology has improved a lot since that time and has found applications in a variety of disciplines such as science, industry, medicine and consumer electronics products.

laser welding is used extensively in work shops miniature components used in aerospace industry , doctor, Automotive, Instrumentation and sensors, and electronics industries / electric, among others. He is very often used to encapsulate electrical components, such as the exchange of devices that need to be protected and hermetically sealed.

A laser is used in the manufacture of hypodermic needles and tube assemblies., Razor welding components, and welding of tungsten filaments used in halogen lamps. Laser welding machines are used in conjunction with computer numeric control (CNC), making it ideal for use with thin-walled tubes, featuring beam width down to 0,0005. In this process, the machining operator uses computers to control laser welding equipment for handling complex and intricate welding jobs. the laser involves the use of conventional, as well as beam delivery systems of fiber optics, that enable precision positioning during welding of metals or other materials.

laser welding machines are replacing fast electron beam welding equipment that costs in the range of eight to fifteen hundred thousand dollars. Compared to these, a laser welding machine is available in the range of 200 to 300 thousand dollars. The laser is fast as the absence of a vacuum chamber eliminates the time required for pumping from the bottom of the chamber.. This, however, reduces its power and limits its use of welding penetration of light materials with a maximum thickness of 1/8 inch.

research is underway to develop advanced laser welding techniques that will allow the production of microscopic devices for use in the medical industry. This will help to combat deadly diseases such as cancer in the near future.

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