Welding history Part 2 – Of 1900 to the present


For students doing reports and looking for a broad vision of the history of welding, I hope this helps you in that report is due tomorrow.

Algumas formas de juntar processos como e forjar processos de solda foram realmente feito caminho de volta na idade de bronze e ferro, but as far as the history of welding will … Fusion metal Union, things began around 1900.

the beginning of 1900 that's when the first Coated electrodes were used and that is what made the arc welder really useful for the manufacture of ships and bridges and tanks. gas e equipamentos de corte também estavam sendo usados ​​e popularizado durante este período.

World War I accelerated things too … as wars tend to do, with many German aircraft airframes being welded gas.

In 1927 electrodes coated were widely used and so the process of arc welding was starting to be used extensively.

World War II created another boost in soldering technology and a process called “Heliarc” It was invented to weld metals such as aluminium and magnesium, they were being used to build warplanes.

Today the appropriate name for “Heliarc” is Gas Tungsten Arc process. But, like a lot of standard terminology, It wasn't embraced by man and work today almost everybody calls TIG

Some important dates in the history of welding processes and when significant advances were made:.

  • 1903 acetylene oxygen
  • 1919 A/C stick welders invented
  • 1920 Automatic wire
  • 1930 Submerged arc
  • 1942 aka tig heliarc
  • 1948 gas metal arc
  • 1954 flux cored arc
  • 1950 iron powder introduced in the flow of stick electrodes
  • 1958 electron beam
  • 1965 the laser
  • 1991 friction

One of the greatest advances in welder equipment in recent years have been the inverter power supply.

The inverter power source converts input power to a higher frequency current. Once the power input is approached a high frequency, the welding current can be molded and set to make all sorts of things that help make precise welds.

Inverter power sources also create portability because it's possible to have a TIG welder 200 amp that weighs only 40 lbs. and that can be carried like a suitcase.

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