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Natural Gas Installer courses and Natural Gas Facilities Certification

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Future Jobs

Re-industrialization of Europe is a strategic aim of the European Union, to recover the lost ground towards Asia or America. It is a medium and long-term plan, since this re-industrialization will take more than a generation on the rise.

In this context, heavy industry, in engineering and power generation and transport are the fundamental pillars of European re-industrialization.

The certified training in Welding, Quality and Natural Gas, gives you access to key professions to build the future of Europe, that envisions have great demand in and out of Portugal.

About Us

55 years of experience, know-how, practical and pragmatic knowledge of who is on the ground and operates daily in the sector.

Our constant innovation history reflects a characteristic much our: Always seek the most effective way to achieve the results.

Through creativity, do know-how acumulado, Constant training, the ability to question and re-create. To achieve the objectives.

And we are keen that our customers and partners benefit from this.

  • Technical Excellence

    The technique is in our blood and spirit. Formation, experience, cumulative knowledge in the technical aspects of our area.

  • Competence

    The good is not enough. The result has to be great. Our commitment is a mirror of this philosophy, this desire to innovate and do better.

  • Rapidity

    Each case is a challenge, an opportunity. We have total dedication to what we do because we have been here a long time and we want to continue here for much longer.

  • Flexibility

    As a service company, understand that flexibility is important. The ability to change the planning to meet new challenges. The will to do, to achieve, to ensure the project and customer satisfaction.


Safety and handling Oxy Cutting Equipment

This course addresses the requirements, security processes and procedures and handling of oxy-cutting equipment.

Lasting 1 day (eight o'clock), is taught in attendance by certified trainer on the premises or in the Corporate University model the customer premises.

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ISO9001 Quality Course

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Natural Gas Installer Course

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