Welding technique of titanium alloy


Titanium and its alloys are widely used in the aerospace industry, chemical industry, shipbuilding etc, because of its low density, high resistance, and corrosion resistance. Currently, high quality aircraft and tank are being made of parts in titanium alloys which are being used more widely in petroleum chemical industry. Application of titanium in aircraft and engine industry and chemistry, technique of is required. Welding technique is very important for the development of titanium alloy application. This article is pointing out some of the problems in the welding process.

1. Weldability of titanium alloy

More titanium alloy can be processed in arcogen welding, and they can all be turned into solid state welding, such as TIG, ME, welding of low current plasma arc, laser and electron beam welding. As a matter of fact, the occurrence trend of titanium alloy weld failure is much smaller than the ferrous materials (as an alloy of iron and nickel). Although Titanium has superior welding capacity, some engineers still consider hard on titanium alloy welding. Because of its special protection demand in gas welding, only those very professional can satisfy this requirement. As a matter of fact, several techniques could be applied in welding of titanium alloy. As N2 O2 and carbon material involved, the solder point become more fragile. Like This, the welding area must be cleaned and protected by inert gas. Soldering material are chosen according to the welding alloy capabilities.

2.Gas cavity in titanium alloy

The occurrence of gas cavity in the welding point is due, mainly, cleaning of the League and the length of welding time. O2 CO2 and N2 also inert gas can result in the occurrence of gas cavity

The same as aluminum oxide, titanium oxide is moisture absorption

The measures of reducing the gas cavity of titanium alloy welding ...:

1. welding material must be dry.

2. welding material prepared must be used within 48 hours.

3. Titanium and welding material should be cleaned.

4. Welding must be protected by high purity gas and helium gas non-toxic.

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