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Marketing Equipment

and Professional Cut

Industrial gas and Laboratory


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Equip Repair.

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55 years of experience

Know-How and Knowledge Innovation

Technical Knowledge In depth

Proven Processes and Security

Equipment and Services and Gas

The Irmasolda Lda is a Portuguese company specialized marketing of equipment and services in the area of and Court and in the installation and supply of Industrial Gases and Laboratory.

Not only represent reputable welding equipment brands, as we have own manufacturing, thus addressing a wide range of needs.

As experts in the field, also provide formation certified and accredited, besides providing service consultancy in and maintenance/equipment repair and gas.

Cith over 55 years of experience and certification in all its areas of activity, have as main operating sectors the shipbuilding industry, steel mill, petrochemistry, energy and gas and mechanical engineering, and we are very proud to have as our clients the most important national companies in the sector.

Practice Areas

Equipment Trading

and Cut

We sell a wide range of equipment for and Cut for all purposes and dimensions. We have the exclusive representation for Portugal from reputable global brands.

Industrial gas and Laboratory

We sell a wide range of Industrial Gases and Laboratory, for almost all sizes and applications

Manufacturing Measure

We have own manufacturing equipment as, in the areas of welding, Machines, Specialized pipes, Valves and Manoredutores.

Professional Services

Consulting Welding

We provide consulting services in Welding, Gas and Industrial Renewal Facilities. With extensive experience and certification, act in Industrial sectors, Petrochemistry, Metalworking and Naval.

Repair and Technical Support

We offer a repair service and technical support for welding and cutting equipment.

Certified Training

Minister recognized and certified training courses in the field of welding, Quality and Gas.

About Us

Focus on Results

Our constant innovation history reflects a characteristic much our: Always seek the most effective way to achieve the results.

Through creativity, do know-how acumulado, Constant training, the ability to question and re-create. To achieve the objectives.

And we are keen that our customers and partners benefit from this.


Consulting Welding
Technical Support Equipment
Training in Welding
Support Certification
Specific equipment production


  • Strong Technical Component

    The technique is in our blood and spirit. Formation, experience, cumulative knowledge in the technical aspects of our area.

  • Dedication

    Each case is a challenge, an opportunity. Each client a long-term relationship. We have total dedication to what we do because we have been here a long time and we want to continue here for much longer.

  • Flexibility

    As a service company, understand that flexibility is important. The ability to change the planning to meet new challenges. The will to do, to achieve, to ensure the project and customer satisfaction.

  • Effort

    The good is not enough. The result has to be great. Our commitment is a mirror of this philosophy, this desire to innovate and do better.

Why Choose Us?

Competence, experience, flexibility, effort, dedication.

But, above all, consolidated and proven expertise.


In addition to the competence, the experience of someone who is already a leader in the industry for many years and the ability to listen to the needs and challenges of customers.

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